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  • Incorporated since 1955 with 25,000 applications completed through Canada
  • 10 year warranty
  • 3 colours of frames - 3 colours of vinyl
  • Materials completely assembled with colour coded installation screws, caulking and packaged for job site delivery anywhere in Canada
  • Installation instructions, warranty certificate
  • Available throughout select retail outlets

WEATHERWALL Enclosure and Window Systems beat the thunderstorm blues, eradicate the attack of the dreaded mosquito and protect your possessions while you enjoy your porch, gazebo or patio enclosure, all day, every day. Weatherwall provides all the benefits of a traditional three-season room….. and so much more!

WEATHERWALL is a four-track window and door system in which four panels nest one behind the other, each in its own track. Push them all up to the top or down to the bottom. You can even have them in the middle, blocking direct wind but allowing excellent airflow. Our system allows as much as 75% screen on a lovely day and 100% enclosure when you want or need it.

Enjoy an outdoor feeling without worrying about rain, wind or bugs. A WEATHERWALL room quickly and easily converts from screen to weather-proof...and back…. with no more effort than raising or lowering a window.

Your screened space and its contents remain protected and clean year round…no dust, no fuss and no need to staple up plastic every year.

WEATHERWALL windows and doors impart quality, strength and beauty to any space.

Click below to watch an instructional video about the WEATHERWALL Enclosure and Window Systems.

4 Colours!
WEATHERWALL Enclosure and Window systems are designed to suit your space. We offer our frames in white, dark brown, sandstone.

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