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January 14, 2014

Quinn construction initiated the use of Weatherwall products in 1985.  Eventually, the company became Quinn Sunrooms as more and more of our business evolved with Weatherwall.  A large number of applications have been done on Georgian Bay and many other lakes in the area.  We have been regularly supported by both contractors and homeowners.  Our 20 plus years of experience with the products has been very successful.

Ric Quinn
Quinn Sunrooms - Parry Sound, ON

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January 8, 2014

I incorporated Weatherwall products into my renovation business 21 years ago this year.  I have had great success using their systems in various applications on homes, cottages, etc.  Clients have regularly stated a high degree of satisfaction and enjoyment from their decision to add this product to their project.

Leon James
Belleville, ON

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January 8, 2014

While operating a general/home building company in the Ottawa area, we began using Weatherwall products 11 years ago.  Many customers were looking for an alternative to a simple "screen" porch.  In that time frame, we have included the products in approximately 900+ applications.  Customer feedback has continually been positive.  Many new orders come as referrals through past customers.

J. Caldwell
Weatherwall - Ottawa, ON


January 8, 2014

As a window and door company serving the Muskoka area, we added Weatherwall Systems to our product line 18 years ago.  They have been a great asset to the building of our business.  Clients who evaluate the options, while attending our showroom displays, find the product ideal to enclose a 3-season living area.  We are very satisfied with the product performance and service.

J. Hodges
Muskoka Window, Bracebridge ON


February 13, 2011

The prime reason we have so much confidence in your product is our neighbour at our cottage.  He put in Weatherwall windows at least 20 years ago.  They have stood up remarkably well, despite huge temperature fluctuations between unheated winters and hot summers.

Johnny V
Toronto, ON

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January 2, 2009

What is fascinating is that although the windows have no insulating value whatsoever, they allow very little air infiltration, and so the stove you see is able to heat the room to a comfortable level and keep it there.  We have used the room in temperatures as low as -22 C (that's about zero F) and, with 40 or so people in the room, the stove had to be turned down to keep the heat at a reasonable level.

David Langlois
Russell, ON
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October 7, 2007

Firstly, I want to let you know how very pleased we are with your product.  On the advice of our contractor and designer, we decided to install WeatherWall panels and doors in our screen porch on our new cottage.  WeatherWall panels provided us with larger openings for better viewing than just screening.  The panels provide flexibility to deal with elements.  It can be quite windy at the cottage and they control air flow.  They have shown to be very durable and performed beautifully through several very violent thunderstorms!  Not a drop of rain in the cottage, despite punishing winds!  The panels also fit beautifully into the overall design.  Many thanks again for your product.

Diane Ashton
Toronto, ON

Jan 20, 2006

As we sit here in our WeatherWall enclosed front porch, during yet another mild winter day enjoying the sun, we reflect again on how much enjoyment we have had for 5 years now.  It blended in beautifully with the front of our home and there have been countless hours spent on the porch, which wouldn't have been otherwise!  We feel protection from pests, we entertain friends and have a glass of wine.  We consider it great value and with a Kera Sun Heater, we get far more use of the area than expected.  As you remember, you did two enclosed areas on two homes for my parents.  We can easily clean the panels and the vinyl cleaner has kept them almost like new.  I thought it was overdue that we thank you and let you know we still love it!

Gord and Linda Martin
Port Lambton, ON

April 22, 2003

It is a pleasure to write you and inform your company that I am very pleased with our enclosed porch. The sunroom was added to our home at least 20 years ago and it looks as new. I have found the windows easy to take our for cleaning so it always looks fresh and the furniture is left in the porch year round so no more storage problems. The porch is used through mid-March to mid-October most years in this area. I highly recommend the "Flordia Room" as a sound investment for your home.

Doris Gray
Port Lambton, ON

July 15, 2003

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our enclosed deck. I know it's almost 20 years since it was installed, and we bought the house 15 years ago. It gives us good protection from the west for our main house in bad weather, and with all the windows open in good weather it's like being outside, but no bugs. The first repair has been in the last year, and you have done them at our convenience, and at no cost to us. We are happy with the way the plastic has stood up, and appreciated you being there when we needed you. Thanks.

Lori & Ken Moore
Seaforth, ON

August 6, 2003

In the spring of 1990 our screen enclosed patio required replacement. Someone told us about Weatherwall in Wallaceburg. Although we really didn't think we would be able to afford it we placed a call. A salesperson came, measured up and gave us an estimate.

It was one of the best investmets we have made. With small grandchildren often visiting and other children always welcome at our home, I have always been concerned with hazard of a lot of glass windows in that area. The vinyl window was the answer. It has stood up beautifully for 12 years now. The one time we did have accident, we simply removed the window, took it Wallaceburg and the repair charge was very minimal. (Much less than a glass repair would have been).

Depending on the weather, it is usually in use from April to November. We have our breakfast and lunch out there most of the time and the windows can be moved up to shield us from the early morning sun or lowered to whatever height I want for privacy, (if I was to laze in my PJ's).

From experience, we can certainly recommend this Company and it's product, salespeople and installers. They did an excellent job.

Pat & Marilyn Tully
Petrolia, ON

May 12, 2002

Many thanks for arranging such quick service on the windows. They were repaired in less than half an hour. We left with two sqare windows and screening for two bays.

The Weatherwall Flordia room has now weathered 14 winters and this is the first serious trouble even though the room faces the lake and buffeted by any storms which come along. The room is tight. We have caulked the roof a couple of times and we have never had a leak. All of our friends comment on how flexible is the arrangement of the windows.

We appreciate very much your quick service. Many thanks.

Sincerely yours,

Gerry Fairhead
Waterloo, ON

September 4 ,2001

Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the Patio Enclosure that was installed at our cottage, at Ipperwash Beach. The Enclosure was installed back in 1990, on a raised floor system installed by your company. The cottage is right on the beach with the enclosure facing the lake. The vinyl windows have performed very well through all seasons, even with the strong winds in Spring and Fall. Our first concerns about your products, prior to the Enclosure's installation, had to do with the high winds and blowing sand we experience every year. The enclosure stood up fine, nothing loose, everything good and tight! The sliding windows have been very easy to use and tilting feature on each window allows us to remove and clean each one without a problem. On the really hot days we always open several windows and allow the breeze to cool everything down without the problem of flies (or anything else flying). Two years ago my wife and I spent New Years Eve with some friends up at the cottage, our late night dinner was set up in the enclosure with two electric baseboard heaters keeping up the heat, the enclosure did a pretty good job keeping us warm, we all had a great time. The cottage is comfortable enough for our family but when visitors arrive we really appreciate the extra square footage inside the enclosure especially on the hot days and at other times when the rain just won't stop. Just thought you might like to hear our thoughts regrading your Patio Enclosure System. We have been very happy with the overall strength, appearance and dependability of your product.

Thanks Again!

Larry Dunbar

May 6, 2001

Just a few comments regarding the sunroom you installed for us last fall.

The quality of the material package was excellent as was the installation. We were able to use the sunroom up until the end of October and we have been using it now since the beginning of April. Even when it was minus 20 degress, once the sun came out the room warmed up to a comfortable temperature. We have purchased a small 10,000 BTU heater and this allows us to stay in the sunroom until late in the evening after the sun goes down.

As you know we had an unusally heavy snowfall this winter and there was quite a snow build up on the roof of the sunroom. I watched this closely and I am happy to say the heavy snow caused no problems.

It is well know that soild conditions in the Yellowknife area are quite unstable and many houses experience some moment each year. We have wanted to build a sunroom on the deck attached to our house for a number of years but because it moves a little each spring due to soil conditions, our research into solid glass sunrooms indicated they were cursed with many problems such as leaks and cracked glass due to movement. We therefore put off building a sunroom on the deck for a long time until we became aware of the type we finally bought from you. This spring the deck moved about 1/2 inch as per normal with no apparent effect on the sunroom.

We are using the sunroom every day and loving it. We had 25 people over for a BBQ in April and they were very impressed with the sunroom. Of course we told them to see you if they wanted one!!

Thank You

Barb & Bob Hoddinott

September 1, 1998

I have a cottage located in the Honey Harbour area of Georgian Bay which was completely refurbished approximately 10 years ago. In the redesign of the cottage, I incorporated 10 of your Weatherwall windows as the design features were of particular interest to me. I must admit that my initial reaction to the product was one of uncertainty in regards to their ability to withstand the sometimes servere weather conditions and storms in Geogian Bay.

I am pleased to advise you however, that the windows have functioned extremely well and other that a few minor adjustments, have stood up very well under the adverse weather conditions in this area.

All to often one takes the opportunity to express discontent and complain about a product and/or its performance. However, I wish to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction of your product and its durability. I am please with the way these windows have performed and also how their looks enhance the appearance of my cottage.

I have enclosed serveral photos to show their installation which you may wish to retain in your files for future reference.

Yours Truly,

Robt. E. Vaughan
London, ON

May 17, 1994

In 1984, we installed a hot tub on our deck in the backyard. To allow us to use the hot tub all year round without having to batlle mosquitos in the summer and clear snow in the winter, we looked at various available systems to enclose the hot tub. We ultimately decided to go with a Weatherwall enclosure system, with a 16 foot acrylic bubble as the roof.

Over the last 10 years, you system has proven to be the perfect solution for our needs and for the functions we wished such a system to serve. The system has been completely trouble free over the years.

We have recently sold our house and the City of Edmonton required that we obtain an engineering report on the load bearing capabilities of the dome, system and dck to ensure it complied with the 1990 Alberta Building Code. As you may be aware, this past winter brought record levels of snowfall to Edmonton and if your enclosure system was ever going to be stressed, this was the year for it. We had no problems as a result of the heavy snows and the result of the engineering report was that the enclosure met the requirements of the 1990 Alberta Building Code.

I would like to thank you for your assistance in provideing to me the results of your engineering studies in Ontario and I thought I should let you know how happy we have been with your enclosure system. You may rest assured that at such we requie another system, it will be your system and in the interim I have no hesitation in rocommending the Weather enclosure system to anyone who might ask about patio enclsures.

Yous Truly,

Dennis G. Groh

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